Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (also known as LMI), is associated with a loan that the lender consider to carry high risk. When a loan is worth more than 80 percent of a property’s purchase price, a lender may need an insurance to hedge the higher risk. The one-off insurance payment will protect the lender in the event when the borrower can’t afford to keep up their home loan repayments. In most of the LMI policies, a lender can make a[...]

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  Pursuing your dream of an own home is quite achievable. But the right amount of finances is the pre-requisite. Therefore, home loans are likely the best option for many home buyers. But the loan process can be daunting if you haven’t a clear knowledge about it. Often the hopeful borrowers are worried about the final verdict of home loan. Some may even ponder upon the time to know the result. The success of home loan application depends on how the[...]

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Commercial loan is now easily accessable

From Start-up to big enterprises’, a commercial loan helps to gain the financial assistance. A business can get both unsecured or secured commercial loans. Various forms of security including residential, commercial property, business assets, or a combination of these. Events like paying off for expansions or day-to-day expenses or just to manage liquidity are named a few when a commercial loan can be used. A numerous number of loan products are widely available in the market. So, depending on the size and[...]

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pay off mortgage

Everyone wants to pay off mortgage as soon as possible but many missed in identifying ways to it. Before we move on, here is a simple question for you. When was the last time did you check the progress of your mortgage payment? Remember even simple analysis of your mortgage payments can bring savings, opportunities like faster payment or even new investments options. So here are out top tips to pay off the mortgage faster and move towards financial independence.  [...]

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