Home Loan Documents

With the changes in the lending requirements, your lender is asking for more documents for home loan applications and so is your broker. Here is what you should know. We all have only 24 hours a day and there are so many things needs to be done. On top of that, applying for a home loan that requires a lot of paperwork. Borrowers often asked – “Why does applying for a loan require so much paperwork?” Well, the answer can[...]

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  Is refinance only about to get a lower interest rate? For many, the answer is yes. But others may take refinance as an opportunity to meet other funding requirements. Refinance your home is a major decision. It not only involves finances but also needs to meet your objective. Improving your living standard or adding substantial value to your property are some of the examples of renovation goal. Refinancing your existing home loan is a very helpful strategy to fund[...]

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Why mortgage broker Australia

In many cases, people who look for a loan or refinance come across one of the difficult questions – “should I go for mortgage brokers Australia or bank loan officer?”  It is more evident among the new home buyers. Especially who are unaware of the difference between a Mortgage Broker Australia and a Bank Loan Officer. So let’s put it here in simple words! Loan officers are typically employees of the lending institution. They may be able to offer various[...]

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